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We understand numbers... We value relations.   
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  302, Swapna Bhoomi “A”
  S.K.Bole Road,
  Near Portugese Church,
  Dadar (W), Mumbai 400 028
  Tel : 022 - 24379537 / 24378212

With the market environment the world over being so competitive, getting to differentiate between offerings of firms has become more complex and difficult. For a business like Kochar & Associates, where the service offering is intangible, it becomes all the more challenging to introduce a tangible differentiator to enable its clients to tell it apart.

It is here that the quality of people in a firm gets translated into one of its biggest, tangible strengths. At Kochar & Associates, it is the people who are its real business drivers.

Integrity forms the core of the team Kochar & Associates. Clients can therefore entrust the firm with sensitive financial and business data, with full confidence.

Professionally qualified, motivated, highly competent and well versed with local and global accountancy practices and procedures, its team constantly monitors happenings in the market place, to ensure that any advice is absolutely current and valid.

The hand picked team consists of experts who truly understand the working of critical and sensitive business sectors, who appreciate the challenges a client faces and who can most importantly also see the bigger picture.

The team strongly believes in understanding every client's business inside out and it takes interacting with clients very seriously. Comments, propositions, changes, recommendations, everything is based on this understanding and the quality of shared time.

What makes the people interaction at Kochar & Associates invaluable is that each client gets to know and see the same Principal and team each year. This provides a solid sense of continuity as well as, helps develop a finer understanding of each clients business year after year.

This enables the firm to keep adding value to its solutions. Ultimately, leading to the creation and sustenance of a genuine, mutually rewarding and professional relationship.